The Journey Begins

I’ve been asked twice this week if I write a blog. I guess that means that some people are vaguely interested in my life and it’s stories, and perhaps that I should in fact, start writing a blog. So here it is.

On deciding that I would write a blog, I suddenly felt like I had so much to say and many words wanted to spew out but in no particular sense. What to write? How to say it? At which point in the story do I start?

The answer is simple. Start here and now. That is all there ever is. Words which resonate in my mind from the book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. One of my favourite books and also where “tobeawarrior” stems from. It’s a spiritual tale of Dan on the path to becoming a peaceful warrior. The journey to presence and unreasonable happiness. It is understanding that all fear, anger, guilt, sorrow, envy, cravings and plans exists only in the past or future.

You see, right now I am on an awfully cliche “spiritual” journey. I want to be a [peaceful] warrior and live wholly here and now. But it isn’t as simple as that. I am human. This means that I have been conditioned into the person I am today through the people I’ve met and the world I live in. Not all ideas and beliefs are my own. I need to “find myself” and strip away everything I have learnt so that all my truths are able to shine through and I can exist as “I am”.

The blog might just be another tool to help me on my journey of [new] self discovery (and old self destruction). And maybe also a piece of inspiration to help others on theirs (we are all students and teachers). Whatever it is or will be, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am.

Tobeawarrior x


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